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Musings before MIPIM 2018

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It is a time for both review and reflection as I look forward to MIPIM 2018, a year on from our first ever foray into the world of MIPIM, both for me and my colleague, Jo Ladds - personally as well as for us as a company. It is interesting to sit back and take stock at this point as we plan for this year’s conference, for which we will be jetting off to Cannes, France, mid-March 2018. I like to think that we will be doing it “bigger and better” this year and that we will take forward the experiences of last year to improve upon this year’s experience. When I mentioned “bigger” above, I was not referring necessarily to our budgeted spending (and unfortunately we are not intending to splash out on hiring one of the striking yachts along the French Riviera - at least not this year!), but to the size of our slowly but steadily growing team who will be attending on behalf of Roythornes. This year, Jo Ladds and I are joined by our newly appointed Business Development Director, Lisa Cawdron, who will be attending MIPIM for her third consecutive year, but her first representing Roythornes.

I am really pleased that we have an extra pair of hands (and given the amount of walking required, legs too) on deck this year as last year showed us how busy the entire week can be. At certain times, you can feel pressured when you are making so many useful contacts but find yourself running out of time to explore those connections effectively.

When referring to “better”, I mean that we will hopefully be able to get even more out of our 2018 experience than we did in 2017. For instance, the process certainly seems a little less daunting than it did in the first year. We know now what the general format is and how to better utilise our time during a very hectic week with almost back to back commitments and appointments. We also hope that the contacts we made last year will stand us in good stead, not only in being able to further harness opportunities, but also in potentially unlocking even more networks. Like with anything, it is the ongoing development of the relationship that is so crucial to us as a business, that we really feel MIPIM helps us take to the next level.

It is often difficult to absorb the impact that attendance at key events such as MIPIM has while being mired in the churn of daily work routine and transactions, especially when part of a busy and growing team such as ours. However, when we review our consolidated spreadsheets created after last year’s attendance (and then further expanded upon during the year as we continued to work on the connections made), it is pleasantly reassuring to see how much progress has really been made. In fact, so much so that this year, in addition to sponsoring Team Lincolnshire, we have also decided to sign up with Team Nottingham, an obvious decision when one considers our growth in Nottingham in particular and within the wider East Midlands region generally. Being part of such established networks automatically ensures that you are exposed to not only a supportive and helpful group who are all more than willing to share their experiences, but also it allows you to capitalise on a fast-growing network much more effectively than striking out on your own could. As is also the case within markets such as the Midlands and Lincolnshire, it is clear to see how such networks genuinely do operate in a cohesive manner, allowing cross-selling and knowledge-sharing rather than working on a “closed shop” model that is entirely outdated and unhelpful in most cases.

All in all, it is safe to conclude that my colleagues and I are eagerly awaiting this year’s conference and look forward to not just catching up with the excellent contact base that we established last year, but also to explore any new opportunities and connections that we may make in 2019.