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MIPIM 2019 - Roythornes' reflections at year three

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It does not seem that long ago that we were frantically preparing for our first ever attendance at MIPIM, but having just attended the third consecutive year, it is noteworthy to compare our experiences over the recent years and to monitor what, if any, progress we have made. 

It is interesting to see how our business development plan has evolved, even just over the past three years and I do not think it an exaggeration to attribute a fair amount of our raised profile and/or various new instructions that have come through recently, to our continued involvement with MIPIM.  I believe I have previously commented that MIPIM is what you make of it.  It can be a genuinely useful networking and marketing tool, but that does require a fair amount of pre-planning and engagement before, during, and after the process. 

We can now see how, in our first year, we were certainly not as focused as we feel we have been in 2019.  A testament to this is how, this year, we feel we have managed to make genuine in-roads into actually securing new instructions.  While it is still early days, we have an interesting instruction from a brand new contact as well as further potential to advise on yet another site in the very near future. This is in addition to the other really useful networking and contact-sharing that seems to just naturally happen during MIPIM week. 

The week as ever proved incredibly busy and where we capitalised was by having pre-arranged, focussed meetings in the diary months before the event. We were careful, however, to leave just about enough room in the diary to allow us to pick up on unexpected leads as they arose, too. A prime example is the new instruction referred to above, which came about as a chance meeting at a formal dinner and led to a follow up meeting arranged during the week to meet with the contact’s wider team to explore the matter in more detail. Business is certainly done, therefore, sitting in the sunshine in rather nice surroundings!

The return to work has felt crammed full with what was already on the desk pre-MIPIM as well as with the addition of leads we have brought back from the week to explore. It was always stressed to us by veterans that it is when you return that the “real” work begins.  Converting what is often a very promising introduction to actual instructions is harder than it would sound. We are therefore very conscious of that and are ensuring our follow-up emails are now all dealt with and are already arranging meetings or linking-in other relevant contacts as appropriate.

All in all, another successful attendance for Team Roythornes at what is rightly described as the world’s best property show by so many.