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Confirmation of the Nottingham HS2 Phase 2b Route

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On 17 July 2017 the Secretary of State for Transport announced his decision on the safeguarded route for HS2 Phase 2b, from Crewe to Manchester and from the West Midlands to Leeds. This follows on from a consultation carried out on a number of route refinements between November 2016 and March 2017.  The confirmed refinements to the route mean that the route near East Midlands Airport will now follow the eastern side of the A42. At Long Eaton, the route will pass through the town on a high viaduct. The Secretary of State intends to bring forward a third hybrid bill for Phase 2b of the route in 2019.  A consultation on the technical scope and methodology to be used in the environmental and equality impact assessments will now be launched.

The announcement brings some certainty for communities in the Nottinghamshire area who were concerned as to the potential impacts of the new HS2 route on their properties.  The land forming the revised route will now be safeguarded to protect it from any conflicting development and to ensure its availability to deliver Phase 2b.  When land is safeguarded it triggers a legal procedure known as statutory blight, through which the owners of the land within the safeguarded route become entitled to serve a notice requesting the Secretary of State to purchase their property before it is needed for construction of Phase 2b.  The law surrounding statutory blight and compensation can be complex and our team has the experience and expertise to assist in guiding landowners, tenants or other affected businesses through the process.

The Government is operating a number of other schemes for those properties affected by the route, but which fall outside of the safeguarded zone.  The Secretary of State has confirmed that the same range of property schemes currently operating for Phase 1 and 2a will be available for Phase 2b.  Again, the law surrounding these arrangements is complex.  If you have clients who are concerned, or if you own or rent land, or run a business which is likely to be affected, our experienced Planning team can offer advice on your options.  

Details of the planning team can be found on the following link: