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Does my website need a cookies consent pop up?

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In the new age of GDPR and rigorous electronic data protection laws, the availability and use of cookies can no longer be taken for granted..

In terms of data, a cookie is a text file with the ability to track your activity across the internet and applications so, for example, if you were to search ‘fluffy slippers’ on Amazon, the chances are that the next time you login to Facebook you will to see adverts for fluffy slippers on your newsfeed.

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) expects businesses to be more transparent about their use of cookies, including how they are used in terms of activities such as Google analytics.

The ICO states that to be properly compliant you must now:

  • tell people the cookies are there – both Necessary Cookies and Analytics Cookies;
  • explain what the cookies are doing and why;
  • get the person’s consent to store any Analytics Cookies on their device.

The easiest way of doing this is to get a web developer to set up a cookies’ consent bar similar to the one pictured, which briefly explains why and how you are using cookies, acknowledges the automatic use of Necessary Cookies, along with the option to switch off Analytics Cookies.

Once the user has saved their preferences, the pop up box won’t come up again when they return to your website on that device, unless you have set it to do so.

In summary - yes, you do now need a cookies’ pop up/bar of some description on your website if you use google analytics or use cookies in any shape or form.

Should you need any assistance in updating your website policies regarding cookies or otherwise, please email