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Make digital work for your charity

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We find that trustees are becoming more interested in how digital can create opportunities and add value to their charity - whether in terms of income generation, service enhancement or brand awareness.  In the ever-evolving digital world where technology is becoming fundamental to operations,  below are 8 questions for trustees to consider:


Are we as a Board adapting our governance processes and investment requirements to reflect the digital age?

Are new trustees being briefed in terms of digital opportunities, risks and resources?

Do we have sufficient digital skill set within the trustee Board?

Do we consider digital as part of our strategy and monitor digital success?

How can the Board create a culture in which digital can flourish?

Is our online presence and access appropriate so as to promote and protect reputation and brand?

How will our charity use digital to fund raise?

Are our IT systems and data secure from cyber threats?


The above should provide a useful starting point for Board discussion – digital may require a mind-set shift in approach but, without doubt, brings with it exciting opportunities.