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The Commission uses its powers under the Charities Act 2011 to permanently disqualify an individual from holding a trustee position

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Today the Commission’s Investigations and Enforcement department published its decision to permanently remove a trustee from being involved with any charity following a breach of the trustee’s duties to protect charity assets by using the charity as a conduit to commit immigration fraud.  The trustee in charge of Khalsa Missionary Society had allowed funds to circulate through the charity’s bank accounts to give the appearance that the charity was receiving legitimate donations.  The regulator also concluded that the trustee had potentially provided false and misleading information to the Commission. 

The Head of Investigations and Enforcement, Carl Mehta, reminded trustees that they must act with integrity and avoid any personal benefit or conflicts of interest.  He went on to highlight how the regulator will work closely with law enforcement agencies to prevent and disrupt the abuse of charities, sharing information where necessary and supporting criminal prosecutions.