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Martin Spencer

Lifting of Enforcement Restrictions at Residential Properties

  • Posted

COVID-19 and the lockdown brought about some tricky times for the enforcement of judgments. Whilst we have been able to instruct our High Court Enforcement Agents to attend commercial premises, there has been a blanket ban on attending residential...

Can you recover debts during the pandemic?

  • Posted

Can we still pursue debts in the COVID-19 pandemic? Yes! Whilst we are asking our clients to take a ‘common-sense approach’ with their debtors at this time, we appreciate that cashflow is even more important now and in most situations, debt...

Charging orders - an effective debt recovery tool

  • Posted

So, you have an unpaid invoice, issued legal proceedings and obtained a county court judgment against your debtor. What happens next? It’s likely that if you have reached this stage, your debtor has not been particularly co-operative and you need to...