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John Boon

Social Media and Family Proceedings

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The recent judgment of Mr Justice Holman in the case of Re: T (a Child) [2017] EWFC 19 highlighted the possible benefits of social media within family proceedings. In this particular case, Facebook was used in order to ascertain the whereabouts of a...

No-fault divorce - does it exist?

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It remains a common misconception that it is possible for a married couple or civil partners within the jurisdiction of England and Wales to divorce or dissolve their civil partnership on the grounds of “irreconcilable differences”, as they can...

Wyatt v Vince - the importance of finality

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The long running case involving Kathleen Wyatt and Dale Vince garnered national attention last year when the case came before the Supreme Court (Wyatt –v- Vince [2015] UKSC 14). The High Court has now delivered a judgement (Wyatt v Vince [2016] EWHC...