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Emily Wilson

Use of Personal Concession Letters in the Covid-19 crisis

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The newly enacted Coronavirus Act 2020 is welcomed by many tenants. It has suspended a landlord’s ability to re-enter premises and take possession of it without court action (known in legal terms as “forfeiture”) where a business tenant...

Jeddi v Sotheby's and others: a reminder of the risks of oral agreements

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It is an all too familiar narrative starting with a person claiming to have fallen out with a business partner, supplier or contractor and not knowing what to do next. It inevitably turns out that neither party saw the need nor had the inclination to...

Companies House gets tough with PSC non-compliance

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In its recently published 2018-2019 Business Plan, Companies House has set out its robust approach to companies not complying with their Persons with Significant Control (PSC) requirements. Since June 2016 UK companies have been required to hold an...