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Catherine Rickett

6 top tips to keep the cash flowing when you have an SME

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Trying to keep a continuous cash flow when running a small business is incredibly hard. You are often so busy trying to find and retain valuable staff members, attracting and keeping clients, and dealing with all of the bureaucracy that comes with owning...

Four key ways to recover your debt

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You’ve issued proceedings and have secured judgment against your debtor, but how can you actually get your money back? Here, we consider four different methods of enforcement and how being more aware of the situation your debtor is in can help you...

Prevention is better than the cure when it comes to debt recovery

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Whilst some current issues are out of everyone’s control, i.e. Brexit, what is vital in this difficult time is having a sound credit control system. We understand that you may have had the same clients for years, and agreements may well be...