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Beth Wallace

Top 10 tips to consider before a business sale

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Selling a business is quite an undertaking and can often flag up issues or concerns that require additional time and costs to resolve. Beth Wallace and Ollie Peckham have compiled a list of issues to consider in advance of a sale to help...

Product liability and Ikea

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Recent news reported Swedish giant Ikea had agreed to pay $46m to the parents of a child killed when the company’s Malm drawers toppled over, suffocating him in May 2017. This may shock some, given the presence of the Malm range in so many homes...

So you think you have a personal injury claim?

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Having begun my training contract with a first seat in the Personal Injury department, it has proven to be a steep learning curve to arm myself with the knowledge and legal basis upon which we might assess the prospects of a potential personal injury...