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Anna Standen

Self-driving cars - whose fault is it?

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In 2018 the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) asked the Law Commission to undertake a review to enable the safe and responsible introduction of automated vehicles on roads and public places. The Report The report contains a series of...

Highway code changes - what do they mean for road users?

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On the 29th January 2022 the Highway Code is changing: how many of us are aware of it? It seems that there hasn’t been a lot of publicity about the topic, but these rules will affect every user of roads, be it as a pedestrian, as a cyclist or as a...

Hope for secondary victims of clinical negligence claims?

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A landmark case ( Paul v Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust ) is heading to the Supreme Court on so called ‘secondary victims’ of clinical negligence claims and who may fall into this category of claimants when considering liability. A possible...