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Manorial rights and the 12 October 'deadline'

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Since midnight on 12 October, manorial rights have no longer been overriding interests. An overriding interest is an interest in land which binds buyers or owners of land even if it does not appear on the register.

In short, midnight on 12 October is not a get out of jail free card. Landowners will take free from un-noted manorial rights (and similar interests) only after they have bought land for value or, if the land is unregistered, after they have registered it. 12 October also marked the end of the Land Registry’s ‘no charge’ policy for applications to protect these interests by notice or caution.

Equally, there is no automatic deadline of midnight on 12 October by which landowners who have received unilateral notices about manorial rights must challenge the notice. An application to remove a unilateral notice can be made at any time.

For further information, see our previous Manorial rights – should you be worried about them? post. Alternatively, contact Julie Robinson on 01775 842618.