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Agricultural Wages (Wales) Order 2016

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Whilst farmers in England may have had cause to forget about Agricultural Wages Orders following the abolition of the Agricultural Wages Board in 2013, the effect of abolition was not felt in Wales.

The Welsh government retained the effect of the last Order issued by the Agricultural Wages Board which set the rates of pay and other employment benefits for agricultural workers and maintained a statutory set of minimum terms for agricultural workers in Wales. A new Wages Order for Wales was made on 3rd February 2016 which comes into effect on 26th February 2016. Changes made by the new Order include:

  • a 6% pay rise for the majority of workers, excluding “Grade 1” workers;
  • setting the hourly rate of pay for Grade 1 workers (who are over compulsory school age) at £6.72 which is 2p above the current National Minimum Wage.

Whilst the Welsh Order will not affect farming businesses in England, the issuing of the Order might act as a reminder to consider the current terms and conditions of employment in operation and, in particular, review or changes to pay and benefits.

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