Roythornes Spalding Offices

Business continuity at Roythornes

The situation surrounding coronavirus is fast moving but we can reassure you that we are doing everything we can to help our staff, clients and supply chain throughout this uncertain time.  We have business continuity arrangements in place to ensure that we can continue to operate when dealing with any significant events such as the possible impacts of coronavirus. 

  • All our legal and key support staff have laptops and mobile phones and can work remotely when needed.  Everyone has been asked to take laptops with them outside of working hours until further notice. Should the need arise to close an office or an individual is asked to self-isolate, then individuals will continue to be able to work from home and can be contacted by phone and email in the usual way.
  • Our client records and majority of our documents are held electronically which means that our people should be able to access almost all necessary documentation and systems remotely.   Note some historic and original documents (deeds/wills) may be held on premise or in offsite archive facilities and will not be available remotely.
  • We have five separate UK offices. Should one office have to close, we are able to house some people from that office in another and pass over much of the administration functions, such as post handling. So, whilst we receive most of our client and member communication electronically, in the event of an office closure, we would arrange for all post to be redirected, scanned and distributed electronically to teams.
  • Our cross-team and office working practices enable us to use our resources to support each other when necessary. In the event that resourcing levels are compromised due to illness or inability to work, we will consider how resources are used to their best advantage. It is likely that will mean prioritisation of urgent workloads and we will inform our clients should such a situation arise. We will take every effort to mitigate the impact for our clients in this situation.
  • In the event that an office becomes inaccessible for any length of time, we expect that post redirection will allow our teams in other offices to be able to process post, though there could be some delay depending on the efficiency of the postal redirection and there may also be a capacity constraint. There is also the possibility that all offices become inaccessible but our expectation is that any closure of an office will be a temporary situation while we carry out a deep clean so should not last longer than a day.
  • We deal increasingly with e-mail rather than post, and we encourage you and your contacts to use e-mail in place of post in case we are unable to access our post.  If you need to send personal or confidential information then please contact us and we can provide instructions on how to use our secure email and file services.   
  • For many of our clients, face-to-face meetings are an important part of progressing matters, but we recognise that this might not always be feasible. We have excellent facilities available for both telephone and video conferencing (including Skype for Business), which are important for many of our clients from an environmental and efficiency point of view.
  • We will ensure that payments and receipts required to complete transactions continue to operate as normally as possible. We have put plans in place to ensure that the Finance team can access our secure banking facilities remotely. We already encourage clients and other third parties to make payments for transactions electronically. Same day CHAPS or Faster payments are the preferred options, but BACS is still available. Despite the above-mentioned procedures regarding redirection of post, there may still be disruption to the postal service generally, so we recommend even more strongly than normal that payments be sent electronically.