Professional Trusteeship

Roythornes Trustees Limited has been created to provide an alternative option for the appointment of professional trustees. It may be appropriate to appoint a trust corporation to act in a range of situations for example:  

  • as executor and/or trustee of your last Will and Testament;
  • as trustee of a new or existing trust;
  • as attorney under a Lasting Power of Attorney;
  • as deputy appointed by the Court of Protection to assist in the management of the property and financial affairs of an individual who suffers from incapacity;
  • as an additional trustee to ensure that property transactions may complete;
  • as trustee of a charitable trust.

Choosing the right trustee, or combination of trustees, in each case is essential and whilst trustees can be selected from family, friends and professional advisers, we believe that the appointment of a corporate trustee can bring significant benefits to the long term continuity and security of a trust. 

The benefits of appointing a corporate trustee:

  • It provides continuity by reducing the number of times trustees have to be changed, helping to reduce costs
  • It gives greater availability since the corporate trustee does not take holiday or have any other distractions
  • It offers a higher standard of trusteeship as a result of the increased duty of care compared with a personal appointment

In addition, or in place of the appointment of individual trustees, we can offer the alternative in appointing Roythornes Trustees Limited which is a wholly owned subsidiary of our law firm Roythornes Limited. 

The appointment of Roythornes Trustees Limited can be:-

  • pending - for example, the executor of a Will whilst you are still alive or your attorney where that power has not yet been exercised;
  • active - for example, the executor of a deceased’s Will, an active attorneyship or the trustee of a trust in administration;
  • temporary - where Roythornes Trustees Limited are appointed for a fixed period of time. 

Please contact a member of our team to discuss the advantages and opportunities Roythornes Trustees Limited can bring and to understand more about the mechanics and costs of taking this step.

Roythornes Trustees Limited are backed by the The Association of Corporate Trustees, and as such have access to invaluable resources to keep abreast of changes and developments within the industry.




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