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We are have taken a number of enquiries about possible claims relating to DePuy hip replacement and resurfacing systems.  Please contact our Personal Injury team to enquire whether you may be able to claim compensation.

DePuy ASR Hip Recall

In August 2010 DePuy Orthopaedics voluntarily recalled the ASR hip replacement and hip resurfacing system.

The recall has affected thousands of patients all over the world. The recall was initiated as a result of independent research which indicated that approximately 12% of hip resurfacing and 13% of hip replacement patients required revision surgery within 5 years of having the original surgery. The statistics were alarming hence DePuy announcing itís recall of the system.

Symptoms reported by patients

If you think you may have been affected by the ASR hip system, you may be suffering from the following symptoms:-

  • Continuing pain, swelling and difficulty walking post surgery above and beyond any normal pain and discomfort normally associated with hip resurfacing/replacement surgery.

Possible causes of the pain:-

  • Loosening of the implant;
  • Fracture of the bone around the implant; and
  • Dislocation of the implant causing improper alignment of the parts.

DePuy are encouraging patients who have previously had ASR hip system surgery to undergo investigative testing so that your consultant can assess and determine your future treatment needs.

Many patients are looking to pursue claims against DePuy and we would strongly recommend you seek legal advice to learn about your legal options before you initiate a claim. If you have been unfortunate enough to be affected by the ASR hip system then you may be entitled to bring a compensation claim against DePuy for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity caused together with any out of pocket expenses you have incurred such as loss of earnings, travel expenses, medical expenses and any care and support you have received.

If you have been affected and would like to know if you are entitled to claim compensation then please contact Robert Dempsey on 01775 764167 or Alexandra Olivier on 01775 764158 who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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